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On May 25, 1783, John Thayer converted to Catholicism. More


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...Cyprian Davis, 85

...Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, 68

New bookP. Mitchell, The Coup at Catholic University: The 1968 Revolution in American Catholic Education 

New bookP, Samway, The Letters of Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton 

D. Alquist, "New Light on a Tragic Tale in American History" (Msgr. Ravoux and the Sioux)

Serra canonization set for September

...Pope Francis homily: "a tireless missionary"

...Panelists address controversy

New book C. Shannon and C. Blum, The Past as Pilgrimage: Narrative, Tradition and the Renewal of Catholic History

New book P. McNamara, New York Catholics: Faith, Attitude and the Works!

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