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Bibliography of Catholics and Immigration in the United States

These books treat American immigration generally, as well as ethnic immigrant groups that were substantially Catholic.


J. Bodnar, The Transplanted: A History of Immigrants in Urban America

R. Daniels, Coming to America (Second Edition) : A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life 

R. Daniels, Guarding the Golden Door : American Immigration Policy and Immigrants since 1882 

O. Handlin, The Uprooted: The Epic Story of the Great Migrations That Made the American People 

M.L. Hansen, The Atlantic Migration, 1607-1860: A History of the Continuing Settlement of the United States 

M.A. Jones, American Immigration 

J. Osen, Catholic Immigrants in America 

D. Reimers, Other Immigrants: The Global Origins Of The American  

R. Ueda, Postwar Immigrant America : A Social History 

V. Yans-McLaughlin, Immigration Reconsidered : History, Sociology, and Politics  

Specific Ethnicities


G. Poyo, Cuban Catholics in the United States, 1960-1980: Exile and Integration


P. Gleason, The Conservative Reformers: German-American Catholics and the Social Order  

W. Kamphoefner and W. Helbich, eds., German-American Immigration and Ethnicity in Comparative Perspective

R. Kazal, Becoming Old Stock: The Paradox of German-American Identity

P. Otterness, Becoming German: The 1709 Palatine Migration to New York

F. Trommler, America and the Germans: An Assessment of a Three-Hundred-Year History: Immigration, Language, Ethnicity, Vol. 1  


M. Kelly, The Shamrock And The Lily: The New York Irish And The Creation Of A Transatlantic Identity, 1845-1921

T. Meagher, The Columbia Guide to Irish American History

K. Miller,Emigrants and Exiles : Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America

K. Miller, Journey of Hope : The Story of Irish Immigration to America


J.W. Briggs, An Italian Passage: Immigrants to Three American Cities, 1890-1930

M. Burgan, R. Asher, eds., Italian Immigrants

A.K. Ciongoli, Passage to Liberty: The Story of Italian Immigration and the Rebirth of America

P. D'Agostino, Rome in America : Transnational Catholic Ideology from the Risorgimento to Fascism  

R. Juliani, Priest, Parish, and People : Saving the Faith in Philadelphia's "Little Italy"

S. LaGumina, The Great Earthquake: America Comes to Messina's Rescue

R. Orsi, The Madonna of 115th Street: Faith and Community in Italian Harlem, 1880-1950, Third Edition Religion & Spirituality Books)  

I. Serra, The Value of Worthless Lives: Writing Italian-American Immigrant Autobiographies  

J. Varacalli, et al., eds., Models and Images of Catholicism in Italian Americana: Academy and Society 


J. Dolan and G. Hinjosa (eds.), Mexican Americans and the Catholic Church, 1900-1965

T. Matovina, Guadalupe and Her Faithful: Latino Catholics in San Antonio, from Colonial Origins to the Present

G. S'anchez, Becoming Mexican American : Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945  

R. Trevino, The Church in the Barrio : Mexican American Ethno-Catholicism in Houston  


W.I. Thomas, et al., eds., The Polish Peasant in Europe and America: A Classic Work in Immigration History


T. Shelley, Slovaks on the Hudson: Most Holy Trinity Church, Yonkers, & the Slovak Catholics of the Archdiocese of New York, 1894-2000

R. Zecker, Streetcar Parishes: Slovask Immigrants Build Their Nonlocal Communities, 1890-1945