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Bibliography of the history of American Catholic social thought and social action

These books cover themes and periods in the history of Catholic social thought and action in the United States—covering topics such as charitable activity, race, economics, labor, and family life.


A.I. Abell (ed.), American Catholic Thought on Social Questions

A.I. Abell, American Catholicism and Social Action : A Search for Social Justice, 1865-1950

P. Carey, American Catholic Religious Thought: The Shaping Of A Theological & Social Tradition 

C. Curran, American Catholic Social Ethics: Twentieth-Century Approaches 

D. O'Brien and T. Shannon (eds.), Catholic Social Thought: The Documentary Heritage  

M. Coulter, et al. (eds.), Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy



T. Blantz, A Priest in Public Service [Francis Haas] 

F. Broderick, Right Reverend New Dealer, John A. Ryan

R.W. Franklin and R. Spaeth, Virgil Michel: American Catholic 

R. Gribble, Father of the Fatherless: The Authorized Biography of Father Nelson Baker

W. Miller, Dorothy Day: A Biography

J. O'Brien, George G. Higgins And The Quest For Worker Justice: The Evolution Of Catholic Social Thought In America

R. Shaw, Beyond the Fields: Cesar Chavez, the UFW, and the Struggle for Justice in the 21st Century

D. Southern, John Lafarge and the Limits of Catholic Interracialism 1911-1963

S. Werner, Prophet of the Christian Social Manifesto: Joseph Husslein, S.J.: His Life, Work, & Social Thought 



J. Bonner, M.B. Fraser Connolly, C. Denny, eds., Empowering the People of God: Catholic Action before and after Vatican II

M. Massa, The American Catholic Revolution: How the Sixties Changed the Church Forever

D. O'Brien, American Catholics and Social Reform: The New Deal Years 

C. Prentiss, Debating God's Economy: Social Justice in America on the Eve of Vatican II  

K. Schmiesing, Within the Market Strife : American Catholic Economic Thought from Rerum Novarum to Vatican II



K. Baker, Go to the Worker: America's Labor Apostles

D. Bovee, The Church and the Land: The National Catholic Rural Life Conference and American Society, 1923-2007

J. Fisher, On the Irish Waterfront: The Crusader, the Movie, and the Soul of the Port of New York

P. Gleason, The Conservative Reformers: German-American Catholics and the Social Order  

B. Hehir, ed., Catholic Charities USA: 100 Years at the Intersection of Charity and Justice

M. Henold, Catholic and Feminist: The Surprising History of the American Catholic Feminist Movement

W. Issel, For Both Cross and Flag: Catholic Action, Anti-Catholicism, and National Security Politics in World War II San Francisco

J. McShane, "Sufficiently Radical": Catholicism, Progressivism and the Bishops' Program of 1919

W. O'Rourke, The Harrisburg 7 and the New Catholic Left: 40th Anniversary Edition

K. Pecklers, The Unread Vision: The Liturgical Movement in the United States of America : 1926-1955 

R. Riegle, Doing Time for Peace: Resistance, Family, and Community

J. Rossi, Uncharted Territory: The American Catholic Church at the United Nations, 1946-1972

G. Schultze, Strangers in a Foreign Land: The Organizing of Catholic Latinos in the United States

W.J. Wallace, Catholics, Slaveholders, and the Dilemma of American Evangelicalism, 1835-1860

M. Warner, Changing Witness: Catholic Bishops and Public Policy, 1917-1994