From the Program:

"Changes in our economic and political systems will have only partial and feeble efficiency if they be not reinforced by the Christian view of work and wealth. Neither the moderate reforms advocated in this paper, nor any other program of betterment or reconstruction will prove reasonably effective without a reform in the spirit of both labor and capital."

Bishops' Program for Social Reconstruction


John Ryan, head of the newly formed Social Action Department of the NCWC, drafted this document, a Catholic response to other progressive-era proposals for the improvement of social conditions and the promotion of a just society. Bishop Peter Muldoon of Rockford was the chairman of the administrative committee that created the program. Progressive-leaning intellectuals and politicians praised the document, while conservative Catholics and others received it coldly.


Full text (John Ryan Institute)


 J. McShane, "Sufficiently Radical": Catholicism, Progressivism and the Bishops' Program of 1919